Zombied is a short-film that takes a new and interesting look at the zombie genre. Instead of focusing on the outbreak and aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, Zombied follows Jordan, a night employee of Priced Less Supermarket who feels underappreciated and over-worked by her "dictator" of a boss. While on a cigarette break, she gets attacked, bitten, and subsequently transitions into a zombie. With its biting dark humor and fast-paced dialogue Zombied promises to be an entertaining and unique short film.

Where are we now?

Fall 2018 AWARDS!! We cannot believe that Zombied has not only been accepted into FIVE festivals so far*, but it has also won some awards! At the FirstGlance Film Festival, we walked away with the BEST HORROR award, at the Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival (an offshoot of the Rhode Island International Film Festival) we won BEST HORROR SHORT FILM (Grand Jury Prize), and we have been nominated for BEST COMEDY/HORROR at the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival in London. Here’s to hopefully winning some more in the upcoming months!!

*current festival selection list: FirstGlance Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival (Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Film Festival), Creation International Film Festival, Great Western Catskills International Film Festival, and the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival.

Summer 2018 FESTIVALS! We've only just begun hearing back from festivals (a whopping year-long process when all is said and done...) and we are proud to announce that Zombied has been accepted into it's first two festivals! It will be screened at the Great Western Catskills International Film Festival (October 19th-21st, 2018) and at the Creation International Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada! We can't wait to see where else we'll get to go!!

Spring 2018 FESTIVAL SUBMISSIONS!! We can't be happier with how Zombied has turned out--now, time to start submitting to festivals and getting this 'beaut screened! Stay tuned!

Summer/Fall 2017 POST-PRODUCTION!! After an incredible 3 day shoot (all overnights!!) at MyTown Marketplace in Highland Falls, NY, we are finally into post-production! The cast and crew were an absolute dream to work with. Everybody brought their A-game and exceeded our expectations as far as creativity, technical precision, and, most importantly: STAMINA. It was a sprint the length of a marathon and everyone rose to the challenge. We couldn't be more proud of everyone and now, off to the editing room where we bring this project to life! 

Cast and Crew

Juliana Forsberg-Lary

(Jordan, Co-Writer) A NY based actress/writer who originally hails from Rhode Island. She came up with the concept of Zombied and worked closely with Matthew Van Vorst (Director, Co-Writer) to develop the story and bring this piece to life (or death). She is best known for her work in "The Ticking Clock," "Tiny For Two," "Actorvention," and a number of other stage and film projects. Website.

Jake Swain

(Hesch) Hailing from Utah, he's now a NY-based actor. He splits his time between the screen and the stage as a proud member of AEA. You may have seen him in the feature film "Lovestruck! The Musical," the web series "Pick Your Own Adventure," or most recently as Harvey Johnson in Goodspeed Opera House's "Bye Bye Birdie." Received his BFA in Acting from Brigham Young University where he was an Irene Ryan National Finalist for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. Represented by Bloc NYC Website.


Matthew Van Vorst

(Director, Co-Writer) An Astoria, NY based director and writer, Matthew has worked on a number of series and shorts in a variety of roles. In 2016, he created Missive Behavior Productions and has continued to grow in his craft. He has been developing Zombied with Juliana Forsberg-Lary (Jordan, Co-Writer) since its inception and cannot wait to begin production. 

Paul Harth and Cee French Harth

(Producers) Paul and Cee, partners and creators of Chiron Films founded their company in Southern California. In 2009, Chiron Films journeyed across the U.S. to call NYC its home. It has since soared into an inspirational and innovative award winning Film, Television, and Commercial group. Chiron Films has teamed up with Missive Behavior Productions to bring their extensive experience and knowledge of the business to Zombied. Website.